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Love What You Do

and be good at it…

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Creative Design

We create unique and artistic websites, graphics and logos for effective branding to engage your target audience.

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Website Development

We develop and design websites that are optimized to cultivate lead generation and business growth.

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Digital Advertising

We advertise your business using the latest and most proven strategies like PPC, local search marketing, Google AdWords and social advertising.

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Video Production

We produce high-impact videos for clients across the Southeast to share your business’ story in a compelling and powerful way.


Prolifik provides digital marketing in a creative setting to increase engagement and drive results for our valued clients.

Does your company have a need? Are you a fit?

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Digital Marketing Agency 

We Build

It’s important that we escape the old paradigm of website creation. Your site should be dynamic and ever-changing. We’re seeking to engage potential customers in on-going dialogue to develop relationships and brand loyalty. Your wheel of engagement should have many spokes with your website being the hub. It’s our job as a Digital Marketing Agency to build a custom communication system for your business.


We Drive

If your website is built and no one visits, does it still make you money? The answer is obviously NO. It’s our job to drive people to you and give you the tools you need to engage them, to tell your story and allow them to interact with you and your brand. As a Digital Marketing Agency, Prolifik accomplishes this by utilizing a variety of tools that are tried and true. 


Businesses that partner with Prolifik see tangible results. Our approach is market tested and customized to each client.


Love What You Learn

and blog about it…

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