YouTube Optimization

Six out of ten people would rather watch online video content as opposed to on TV. YouTube is by far the largest online video platform, and it’s also the second most popular search engine in the world, despite the fact that all the searches are internal and direct back to its own site. That’s crazy. YouTube is an enormous platform that presents a tremendous opportunity for any company looking to implement video marketing.

For us, video optimization is fairly simple. We know what to do to make sure your video pops up first in search engine results. It’s a tried and true method of which we have seen much success. Once those users have organically found your page, there’s a lot you can do to maintain their interest and keep them clicking.

So what’s the best way to make sure your content appears when potential clients are searching?

Google’s video index doesn’t take into account the number of viewers that have watched a video, but YouTube does. YouTube takes into account how many people have viewed, rated, commented, and subscribed to every single video posted. YouTube also considers all this information when returning results. Those aren’t the only factors that matter when it comes to YouTube ranking. It also weighs things like metadata, engagement, relevancy, incoming links and views.

So what happens after people have stumbled upon your YouTube page? How do you make them stay?

Your optimization efforts can’t stop at merely trying to pull people for views. You have to entice them to stay. Your page needs to be structured. We suggest organizing your videos into playlists, making it as easy as possible for viewers to navigate. Your content (including logo and channel icon) should also be appealing and engaging. YouTube is a visual medium, so your page should be attractive. Finally, your content should be consistent. Your YouTube channel should portray a coherent and consistent message throughout, maintaining your brand’s integrity.