Video Production Services

Video is without question the most engaging form of content. It’s immersive, fast, and connects emotionally with your audience. Nine times out of ten, a consumer would rather watch a video than read an article. Video is simply the best way to get your message out. We do everything from full length testimonials to short video production. However, not just anyone can throw out a video and have it succeed to the level it should. A good amount of time goes into the process of strategically planning a video. Understanding how your audience thinks, strategically constructing content, and using innovative, time-tested techniques are just a few of the ways we make sure your video will succeed.

Our video productions will vary according to the style of video that we determine will be most beneficial for you. The following are some of the aspects of video production that we employ: 


At Prolifik, telling a client’s story is one of the things we are most passionate about. We pride ourselves on our ability to create brand driven, impactful stories that connect with the audience.

Creative Ideas

When planning videos, each idea is handcrafted and form fitted for the client. We start at the drawing board and brainstorm ideas to bring your story to life to create a video that we are confident will succeed.

Video Editing

Our in-house video team works tirelessly to make sure that every video is edited to perfection, ensuring that the exact message you want to portray is done so in the most visually appealing way possible.

Video Templates

Through continuous testing and measuring, we have created a system that gets results. We have several video production templates that have garnered success time and time again.

Professional Interviews

One style of video we consistently produce is professional interviews. Whether it's teachers explaining the impact of new curriculum, or the president of a multi-million dollar business discussing company values, we have a knack for producing interviews.