Video Planning

Prolifik has a time-tested process for making and strategically implementing videos

The process of producing an exceptional video begins with proper planning. Whether it be a feature film or a three-minute testimonial, if a video is not correctly planned, it's doomed to fail from the start. At Prolifik, we have a time-tested process for making and strategically implementing videos. The process initiates from the planning and development stage, and eventually ends with your video being used in the most calculated way possible to earn you qualified leads.

We’ve been doing this for a while. We’ve created video marketing plans that have doubled businesses in as little as a year, and have run annually, which produced success each year. After years of honing our process, we’ve been able to identify the steps of a fruitful video planning method. 

Video Strategy

Our main objective when planning your video strategy is telling your story. However, if there’s no strategy, it’s virtually impossible to make a video profitable to your business and consumers.

Content Planning

Compelling content is the key to your marketing success. The importance of strategically crafting locations, scripts, and set designs cannot be overstated.

Campaign Planning

In order to make sure your video campaign is successful, time and money need to be invested. If your target audience isn’t going to see and enjoy your content, then the entire production process was a waste of time.

Video Brand Guidelines

Chances are, you’ve already developed part of your brand. Our job is to develop your brand holistically, a big part of it includes video. The videos that you use to promote your company should maintain a certain level of continuity in order to maintain the consistency of that brand.