Video Distribution

Picking the wrong distribution channels can render a video useless. Even if you have the next viral sensation on your hands, if it’s not distributed correctly, it’s not going to get the reach it deserves.

Let’s say you’re an eye clinic and you produce a killer video promoting LASIK, but for some reason your video ends up on a sports news site. You’ll probably get some response, but not nearly what you could have if you had placed your video strategically. You want your videos to be seen in places that your audience is already enjoying. That's why we tailor our video marketing strategy to fit your needs and put your videos on the right platforms. You don’t want the presence of your videos to be jarring or confusing to the viewer.

Through our research and years of experience, we’re able to determine which platforms would be the most successful in promoting your content. We know which sites your audience enjoys visiting, and we meet them there. This allows us to target and capture the largest amount of potential customers possible.

Without the proper research, you won’t see the ROI you deserve. We do the proper research at the beginning of the process to understand your target audience. Furthermore, we break down your target audience into different buyer personas allowing us to assess where each persona spends the majority of their time online. This informs our video content marketing strategy, letting us produce specific videos that will guide them every step of the buyer's journey.  

We break down video distribution into three simple steps:

1- Host your videos on your website

This may sound simple, and it is, but the benefits of hosting your videos on your website are tremendous. It’s a hassle-free way to drive traffic back to your website, which makes it easier for customers to the take the next step in the buyer’s journey. Anytime you can remove a step in the customer’s buying process, you should.

2- Take advantage of your existing channels

The channels you control, including your website, blogs, and Youtube channel are your home base. Leveraging the areas that you already have some influence on is extremely beneficial. Placing content in places you’ve already formed relationships provides maximum exposure with minimum effort.

3- Target online influencers to maximize your exposure

By targeting decision makers and influencers, you can leverage their influence and reach a much larger audience. There’s potential that just by having content on their site, you can be exposed to a large portion of potential customers that otherwise would never have found you.