Video Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are a set of rules designed to ensure every piece of content you create is consistent with the brand of your company. It's very important that everything you produce maintains the professional brand you’ve worked so hard to create. With video being such a huge part of marketing, the risk of producing content that could potentially confuse, or even worse, drive away a potential customer is high. When you look at the different aspects that combine to make your brand, we look at things like:

The tone of your content - Depending on what type of business you run, the tone of your videos will vary greatly. We wouldn’t make the same type of videos for a Neurosurgeon that we would for a Hot Tub Store. Maintaining the tone throughout your entire marketing plan is imperative.

Language - How do you refer to yourself and your customers? What tone of voice reflects you best?

Color - Although the use of new color in your typeface and graphics can be fun, you should have one or two colors that clearly mark your business.

Sound and music - Which types of sounds or music best fit the brand you already have?

Graphics, logos, and typeface - Are the graphics and text you’re designing consistent throughout your brand?

By applying these components, you can form a list of “brand-elements” that can be used like a template going forward in your marketing process — things like recurring graphics, intro and exit scenes, consistency in song choice, and the overall tone of your videos.