Video Advertising

Video advertising is one of the most important components of digital marketing. Making sure the right people see your content is critical. Identifying the proper channels for each buyer persona, and then creating banners and ads that your audience will be interested in clicking on will produce serious rewards.

Video advertising can be broken down into three steps.

Video Advertising Strategy

The first is the strategy. Creating the best content, planning the best channels to place your material, and performing diligent keyword research are all essential for video optimization. Like we’ve said before, the lion's share of the work when making and implementing a video is done before and after the actual video is shot. Proper planning is vital, and without it, your video marketing strategy is doomed to fail.


The second is the setup. This is where you decide what type of video advertising will suit you best. Whether it be banner video ads, in-stream video ads, in-content video ads, or social video ads, we’ll select the method that best boosts click-through rates and decreases cost per view.


The final step is optimization. We’ve already done all the keyword research to determine what will rank your video highest and get you the most organic traffic. After that, we’ll test and retest the results to see how we can continually be improving and ever increasing the leads generated by your videos.