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In today's world of rapid content, we focus on getting your message across to your target audience clearly, creatively and cost-effectively. The videos we create at Prolifik are designed to amplify your brand and message through distribution across multiple mediums.

Originally, Prolifik was founded as a collaboration of a video production team, graphic designers, and web developers. Although we have evolved into a full digital marketing agency, our roots have remained in video. We take pride in our ability to produce videos that inspire and engage audiences. We love the integration of video and digital, and the ability to offer full-service video production services to our clients. 

Video is a method of capturing your audience in a different way. It compels users visually and emotionally. The video team at Prolifik is comprised of creatives and experts who are well equipped to tell your story. We love delivering high-impact video productions to clients across the South East. We boast decades of video production expertise, in-house talent, a large studio on-site and an array of professional gear. Nearly all of our video production is done in-house, which allows us full creative freedom and keeps costs low for our clients.

At Prolifik, we do everything from the initial video planning stages to the dissemination of the video across various platforms. We make sure we understand your story, tell it in a meaningful and beautiful way, and effectively deliver it to your targeted audience. Whether you need a quick, 30 second commercial or a full background of your company, Prolifik can help. 

Video Planning

Video Planning

The process of producing an exceptional video begins with proper planning. Whether it be a feature film or a three-minute testimonial, if a video is not correctly planned, it's doomed to fail from the start.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Due to its overwhelming success, more and more businesses are implementing video in their marketing strategy. However, even if the content is high quality and brilliantly creative, many companies fall short due to their neglect of marketing these videos.

Athens Video Production

Video Production

Video is without question the most engaging form of content. It’s immersive, fast, and connects emotionally with your audience. Nine times out of ten, a consumer would rather watch a video than read an article.

Video Production Studio


One of the reasons we’re able to produce videos at a lower rate is our in-house video team. We almost never contract out for work, and that saves you money at the end of the day. We’re also lucky enough to have our own in-house filming studio. A good amount of the videos we produce are shot 30 ft away from our desks.

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