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A Team That Delivers


We are a team comprised of creatives, analysts, strategists and leaders. Together, we produce effective marketing campaigns for your company. Check out the many faces of Prolifik below and learn a little bit more about who we are.

Creative Director Marketing Agency

Angela Taylor

Creative Director

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Video Production Manager Marketing Agency

Jesse Collier

Video Production

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Marketing Strategist Marketing Agency

Mike Usry

Strategy Director

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Staff Chief Marketing Agency

Dusty McKenzie

Chief of Staff

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Advertising & Digital Marketing Agency

Lydia Sloan

Advertising & Digital Specialist

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Advertising Manager Marketing Agency

Logan Scott

Advertising Manager

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Video Production Marketing Agency

Drew Hutto

Video Production

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Graphic Designer Marketing Agency

Courtney Reese

Graphic Designer

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Intern Marketing Agency

Tori Hanna

Social / Advertising Intern

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Creative Consultant Marketing Agency

Matt Chastain

Creative Consultant

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Executive Assistant Marketing Agency

Candace Johnson

Executive Assistant

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Human Resources Marketing Agency

Baden Usry

Human Resources

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