Video Production Studio

One of the reasons we’re able to produce videos at a lower rate, is our in-house video team. We rarely contract out for work, and that saves you money at the end of the day. We’re also lucky enough to have our own in-house filming studio. A good amount of the videos we produce are shot 30 feet away from our desks.

Our spacious video production studio hosts a large black and white background, capable of being shot with dual cameras, as well as a green screen wall and a rustic wood background. We typically use the green screen when producing more creative, shorter, or lighter videos. The white and black backgrounds are often used in more professional-style shots like a corporate interview or a testimonial.

Our prices are so competitive because:

  • We own all of our equipment.

  • We have three cinematic grade cameras all capable of 4k.

  • We have professional sound and lighting gear (Our drone is kind of dope, too).

  • We choose to work with equipment that is versatile, efficient, and capable of making our videos easier to produce in a shorter amount of time, while providing undeniable cinematic quality.

If you’re interested in having us produce a video for you, you can rent out our studio for $400 for a half day, or $600 for a full day.