Search Engine Optimization

We're A Search Engine Optimization Company That Knows What We're Doing

We could spend time debasing fluff agencies in order to relay our superiority, but we would rather prove it. Our team has vast search engine optimization company experience ranging from Fortune 100 companies to emerging, start-up businesses. Prolifik utilizes successful digital marketing strategies that enable your company to win in the highly competitive online world. A wise man (famed music producer DJ Khaled) once said: “all I do is win.”

That's what Prolifik is here to do: help you win.

Search Engine Optimization involves creating authoritative and creative content that is useful to visitors, while also positioning your website above the competition. Keyword research, proper web design, effective on-page optimization, minimizing load time, serving up semantic W3C code, and SEO-friendly architecture are all proven elements to increase search rankings. Leveraging off-site optimization through blog posts, article development, social engagement, and link building are also search engine optimization techniques that deliver high rankings on search engine results pages. This, in turn, converts visitors to consumers.

Prolifik's digital marketing staff and search engine optimization experts stay up to date with the latest search engine algorithm updates, local SEO, behavioral search patterns, and the impact of social media engagement. We learned early on what it takes to be a successful SEO firm. Through complete transparency, we are able to shed light on the fact that creating a website with search engine optimization in mind ranks higher than other sites. Our Client Center allows us to show, in real time, all of the elements of a successful SEO campaign including rankings, task management, social and reputation monitoring, SEO tools, and reports.

Prolifik provides routine communication, monthly reporting, and strategy reviews to ensure each campaign is handled the right way the first time. Our customer-service-first attitude, communication and transparency, as well as our reporting, will make the perfect search engine optimization company for your business.


Many studies show that consumers will only take the time to view the top 10 rankings on any given search engine results page. The importance of being at the top is pinnacle to your success.

It takes years of experience and dedicated expertise to get a website listed at the top of the search engines. Prolifik's search engine optimization company specialists and SEM consultants will apply our methods to your efforts to bring you website traffic and customers.

Ready for a couple of new industry terms? "White Hat" SEO strategies are ones that are in line with today's SEO best practices and seek to stay above board in strategy and processes. Contrary, "Black Hat" strategies seek out questionable tactics to trick search engines and temporarily gain better rankings.

Prolifik employs white hat SEO strategies. Why? Because it is ethical. It works. It is proven. It is sustainable. Does it seem wise to try to fool some of the largest companies in the world (Google, Microsoft) at their core business?