Benefits of a Local Marketing Agency

True or false: Larger marketing agencies in bigger cities provide superior results than smaller, local agencies…

False! What most people forget to factor in, is that there are several ways where smaller/local marketing agencies actually have an advantage over their larger competitors.

Contrary to popular belief, local marketing agencies actually benefit from their size. Since they are smaller, local marketing agencies can develop personal relationships with their clients. Instead of talking to a middleman throughout the process, the agency and client can speak directly, which can also prevent miscommunication.

Local marketing agencies are typically more flexible and willing to make time to meet with their clients, regardless of the time or location. When your marketing agency is right down the road, it’s easier to schedule last-minute meetings, get new picture/video content, etc.

These agencies also understand the local audience better compared to outsiders, and are therefore more likely to bring in more business to the company. Take Prolifik Marketing for example. We know Athens and the surrounding areas: the businesses, the people, the connections, the upcoming events, you name it. When a fellow local business needs some marketing assistance and their target includes people from this area, we’re able to jump right in with a head start compared to a bigger agency in Atlanta. Even if they’ve been around longer or have nap pods and in-house cafes, we still have the upper hand because of our connection to and knowledge of the community that business is trying to dive in to.

With local marketing agencies, the gap between companies and their customers diminishes.

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Chancey Doster