How Video Marketing is better than Picture and Text Marketing

In the evolving world of digital marketing, videos have become more influential than ever before. Visually, video marketing provides an easier method for both clients and companies alike to communicate more freely.

The impact of visuals is quite higher upon consumers in comparison to the sole usage of text and still pictures. Customers are more likely to remember a moving, interactive video opposed to something they can effortlessly scroll by, such as an image or an abundance of text. Not just visually, but auditorily too, videos combining gorgeous visuals and engaging sound have a greater impact on one’s memory, with 65% of individuals retaining the information up to three days later. 

The growth of mobile videos also plays a vital role in their ever-growing influence. It is predicted that by 2021, 82% of internet consumer traffic will be from videos alone. They are a wonderful source for knowledge that not only engages users but can answer their questions too. Around 70% of people search YouTube videos on how to solve their problems, whether it be for a career, entertainment, or educational purposes.

Along with YouTube, live streaming services, such as Twitch, a gaming platform, have also seen a rise in popularity. Over 50% of consumers desire to see more video content compared to other forms of digital media.

Although the popularity of videos seems to dominate the future of the industry, one must also remember that testing first is a key part of success for a digital marketing team. Instead of rushing into an idea and expecting videos to deliver instant results, companies should always test first if possible in order to develop a better idea of their consumers’ interests. 

If a company does desire to employ videos, a few tips may include: using square-shaped videos to appeal to mobile users, having innovative and eye-catching typography, monitoring the length of the video, and more.

Through the power of their informative, nonverbal communication, ability to captivate audiences, easy sharability, and broad reach, it is no wonder why videos continue to rise in popularity for both customers and companies alike. Although creating engaging, but also informative content can be a challenge, it becomes a reality with the influx of videos within the digital marketing industry.


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Lydia Sloan