Top Ten Athens GA Restaurants

When it comes to eating in Athens, many at Prolifik Marketing consider themselves experts. So, we’re bringing you our top 10 list of the best restaurants in the Athens area. 

Note: This is a highly debated topic and may have spawned a few spirited discussions around the office...


  • Tlaloc - Are you looking for the best authentic Mexican food in Athens? Look no further than Tlaloc off Chase Street. From their monster burritos to their generous pitcher of margs, you’re not going to regret this choice.

    Pro-Tip: Lunch gets patient. Go early or late, but either way it’s worth the wait (shameless rhyme). 

  • The Table - Where do we begin with this gem? The Table off Baxter St. is our go-to in lunch cuisine (both for clients and when we need more than a sandwich or pizza). Their unique take on multicultural dishes will have you impressed, not only by the plating, but the portions and the price are stellar. 

    Pro-Tip: It’s not a large space, so get there early and try the Edison Chicken Sandwich. Your taste buds will be impressed. 

  • Buvez - If a coffee shop was transplanted from a small town in Europe and placed next to the train tracks on Barber Street, it would be named Buvez. Oh wait, that happened, and it’s FANTASTIC. Hit up the counter for an amazing espresso, fresh pastry baked locally, or a gourmet sandwich during lunch. Between the art, atmosphere and friendly baristas, you’re guaranteed a good time and great food. 

    Pro-Tip: Ask about their “adult” sno-cones. Yes, you read that correctly.

  • The World Famous - You know how everybody searches for that “cool place in the cool town with the hip bar tenders, awesome drinks and trendy atmosphere”? That’s The World Famous. It just happens to have some of the best food in downtown Athens. The menu is a mix of pub food and culinary artistry. 

    Pro-Tip: Awesome, quiet place for lunch, and the pork steam buns are what dreams are made of. 

  • Marti’s at Midday - If your favorite aunt made you lunch every day, it would be like eating at Marti’s. This busy, yet quick lunch stop has some of the best chicken salad choices in town. Go for a sampler and you’ll have lunch set for the next 3 days. 

    Pro-Tip, it’s a small shop across from Piedmont Athens Regional, so it tends to get busy at lunch. If you have a big party, outside is your best seating option. 

  • LRG Provisions/Last Resort Grill - The sun shines a bit brighter in 5 Points when LRG Provisions is open. Their next-level southern cuisine reaches a new level on Tuesday nights for their famous meat and three offering. We’ve also decided to challenge you to find a better weekend brunch stop in Athens. Good luck, because we haven’t been able to. Phenomenal. As for Last Resort Grill downtown, this shouldn’t come as much of a shock. What Athens food blog wouldn’t include this gem?

    LRG Provisions Pro-Tip: Their cocktails are superb and strong. Enjoy, my friends. 

    Last Resort Grill Pro-Tip: Try the white chocolate cheesecake. You’re welcome.

  • Automatic Pizza - It’s one part cool/hip/trendy pizzeria and one part deliciousness. From the outdoor picnic benches giving you a sweet view of normaltown, to the dinosaurs marking your food selection, Automatic is what our interns refer to as the “best friggin’ pizza in Athens.” I dare say, maybe even the best outside of New York City. Wowza.

    Pro-Tip: Order the Chieftan. Sausage, pepperoni, banana peppers, yummmmmmmmm.

  • Cafe Racer Coffee and Donuts - The best homemade donuts and biscuits are made in a cool little (yes very little) road-side shop just east of Athens on Hwy 78. And by best, we mean each day a different flavor of goodness: lemon, espresso, almond chocolate glazed, and more flavors of donuts AND donut holes. Their biscuits offer a culinary take on the good ole sausage, egg and cheese by introducing various jams and jellies to accompany the handmade biscuits. 

    Pro-Tip, there is a drive through on both sides, USE IT. They also give you a discount for bringing your pet to visit them. Woof Woof indeed. 

  • Cali-N-Titos - This Athens staple has been around for years, and continues to straight up BRING IT in every way. Burritos, Sandwiches, Plantains, Chips, Salsa, Queso...all the best of the best at this Cuban restaurant. The Lumpkin St. location has a lot of outdoor seating, great for people watching...and the East-Side is a large open market style spot with plenty of ride on toys for the young-uns. 

    Pro-Tip: Lumpkin only takes cash and does not offer alcohol (BYOB for a fee) but don’t let that deter, a cash machine is right next door.

  • The Place - I would be killed in this office if I didn’t put The Place on the list. This downtown attraction offers Southern Cuisine with style. Their vegetables plates, salads, fried-pork chops… really everything on the menu is a dream. You can go healthy or indulge, the choice is yours.

    Pro-Tip: Their lunch is fantastic but can get choose the nearby parking deck unless you get one of those coveted Broad Street spots. 

BONUS, because we’re feeling generous:

  • Seabear Oyster Bar is the best place for HAPPY HOUR in the Classic City. Hands down this spot in Bottleworks off Prince has amazing original cocktails and oyster/app specials at that magical time daily. 

    Pro-Tip: Monday is also Ramen for dinner, while it lasts. Simply put...GATA.

  • Maepole is the best place to feed your healthiness (or splurge on southern food with a twist). Head through the line to fill your compostable platter with locally sourced proteins, seasonal veggies and herb-filled sauces. It’s the perfect setup for those looking for gluten free or vegan options as well as those looking to simply eat dang good food. 

    Pro-Tip: The mac n cheese is fanfreakintastic. So is their neighborhood style courtyard. 

Lydia Sloan