Why Video Marketing Should be Part of Your Marketing Plan

Video content marketing is blowing up, but how do you know if it’s right for your business? Not every company needs a cinematic movie trailer. But from the megacorporations down to sole proprietorships, video isn’t just useful - it’s necessary. Here are three big reasons to consider adding video to your marketing plan.

  • Video is more engaging

    What is your preferred entertainment option? Do you binge chapters upon chapters of your current book? Do you fall asleep every night playing board games? On a first date do you take your significant other to dinner and a slam poetry night? If so, that’s pretty impressive! For most of us, a video streaming service plays a big role.

    Now think back to a memorable ad. What was memorable about it? Was it clever? Did it make you laugh? Chances are you’re not thinking about search or display ads. Maybe a cheesy billboard for an ambulance chaser comes to mind, but unless you’re the actual Saul Goodman, that’s not a good look. Most likely, you thought of some kind of commercial.

    Simply put, video marketing is just more interesting. It engages the brain on more levels, and when the content is good, it sticks with you way better than any other medium.

  • Video is part of digital marketing

    You already know that if your business isn’t easily findable on the internet, your competitors are going to eat your lunch. Digital isn’t the future of marketing, it is marketing. Digital marketing investment surpassed traditional methods in 2015 and shows no signs of slowing down. And if you’re going to embrace a digital marketing strategy, you can’t neglect video.

    Video content is a much bigger deal in the new marketing ecosystem. It’s much cheaper to produce than it used to be, marketers have figured out that it’s way more engaging than other methods, and most importantly, there are way more platforms for video content to exist on. Instead of paying $10,000 to have a 30 second spot on TV, now you can post your videos all over the internet for free. Even if you pay to boost your content, the cost per impression is minuscule in comparison.

  • Video is the new normal

    If you’re not using video content marketing in your marketing strategy, you’re taking a stick to a gunfight. Especially in the service industry, where customers are faced with endless choices of high quality companies. We live in a world utterly saturated with media. According to Yankelovich, Inc. the average person sees 5,000 advertisements every day. The reality for business owners is that no matter how great your product is, if your ad doesn’t absolutely nail it, it just adds to the noise. Video is one of the best tools at your disposal, so use it.

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