What type of Video is right for your brand/company?

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It’s no secret by now that video marketing drives better engagement and results. But there are many different types of videos that suit different business objectives. From brand videos to product spotlights and many in between, there are different ways you can go with video, and it can become tricky to decide what you need. Here’s our breakdown of the main types of videos we offer and how they can help your different business needs.

Brand Videos
If you’re looking to jump into video, but aren’t sure what is best, we usually recommend a brand video. These videos showcase your business by getting to the root of your brand and telling your story. They highlight your values, your people, your staff and your services. You can also get many different smaller videos from one larger brand videos to use across your website, social media platforms and as video advertising.

While larger production, shot variations and editing is expected with these videos, they are some of the best performing content at any stage of your business to convey your message to your audience in an extremely compelling way.

Product/Service Spotlights

Product/service spotlights can help to explain more complex and technical business offerings in a way that is easy for your audience to understand in a shorter amount of time. These videos give you the opportunity to explain what the product/service is, how it works and the benefits it can provide to potential customers. Often, seeing a product/service in action encourages potential customers to follow up for more information and gives you the opportunity to have a more meaningful conversation about the product/service since this customer has already been exposed to the information.

Showcasing satisfied customers is a great way to connect with potential customers and show how much you care about serving your community. Interviewing people to hear their stories, why they enjoyed their experience with your business and why they would recommend it to others. Third party endorsements carry more weight than your business talking about itself, so having these videos adds credibility to your messaging.

Video testimonials provide an opportunity for customers to express their opinions and allows your business to share positive experiences that reinforce your brand.

Event Coverage

If your business hosts an event or volunteers at a nonprofit organization, a video that captures your community involvement can be helpful to boosting a reputation or getting your name out in the area you serve. People love seeing companies give back whether that is through customer appreciation events, donations or volunteer work. It allows you to connect with your audience in a more personal way at any business stage.

Now that you know the main types of videos there are, you can start to decide which route is best to take for your business. Through our video marketing services, we can help you create all of these types of videos uniquely catered to your business. Reach out and let’s get started creating amazing content!

Lydia Sloan