Content Marketing: Establishing Authentic Relationships

It’s time to debunk one of the myths people assume about content marketing. It seems like content marketing is all about (duh) churning out stellar content. But this is NOT true.

Content creation is obviously a large part of our job, but if we didn’t create a sturdy process for research, relationships and strategic delivery, we would waste a lot of hard work.

We’ve seen and produced all types of campaigns, blogs, social media posts, you name it, and we’ve experimented with “filler” content as a benchmark to test engagement for our clients. All of this has made it abundantly clear that when people are scrolling through their newsfeed, they don’t want another superficial ad with information they can find directly from your website. They’re looking for something REAL and RELATIONAL.

Posts with recognizable faces and friendly, straightforward language ALWAYS perform the best. Why? Because people want to know who’s really behind the screen, and more importantly, behind the company/brand.

It’s obvious that building relationships involves garnering trust… Why would that be different between a consumer and a business? Everyone is desperately looking for authenticity, especially on the internet.

We make it our number one priority to truly know our clients before we speak for them. We get to know their voice, their language, their goals, their birthdays, their favorite snacks, their pets, etc., all so we can invite their customers to experience who they really are.

Phony branding is not our scene. Displaying the authenticity of your business is our specialty, and that starts with getting to know you personally.

It’s a no-brainer. The more customers feel like they know you and trust you, the more willing they’ll be to give you their business. Don’t hide behind the typical one-liners that every other company is using -- stand out by being transparent. No other company is exactly like yours, even if they provide a similar product or service.

If you need someone to help magnify your voice and promote your brand, we’re your people. Visit our website to learn more about our content marketing services.

Lydia Sloan