How Internship Propelled Me Into a Full-Time Career

In 2017, I was a junior at the University of Georgia, enrolled in the Terry College of Business and earning a degree in marketing. As a member of a very competitive business college, professors and academic advisors strongly encourage students to complete at least one internship before graduation to distinguish themselves our peers.

I decided to take this advice and run with it. Within a year and a half, I completed 3 internships, each with a different company/organization: a media team member at a non-profit college student ministry, a customer communications intern at a life insurance provider, and finally a content intern here at Prolifik. Though each experience was very different from the next, they all provided me with extremely valuable lessons, tools and skills that I now use every day in my full-time career.

In my ministry internship, I learned how to mentor other students by challenging and encouraging them to find solutions in tough situations. I also learned media skills like how to edit audio for a podcast and become a blog administrator. At the insurance company, I spent most of my time learning corporate writing on various forms of copy, such as ads, letters, social media posts and more. A few months later, I discovered Prolifik at a career fair and immediately knew it was a place I could learn and grow my skill set. Since Prolifik is a marketing agency, I began learning how to create content calendars, manage social media accounts, and write blogs and website copy for multiple clients at a time. This was something I had never done before, and it really challenged me to grow as a writer.

Each internship gave me experience far beyond what I learned in the classroom, which is why I encourage everyone to complete at least one internship before entering the full-time work force.

Most of the time, employers really just want to see that you are eager to learn, and dedicated to working hard and helping the company succeed. If all else fails, at least you will look well-rounded.

If you have an internship opportunity, even if it’s not exactly what you see yourself doing for the rest of your life, I would encourage you to really consider saying yes and at least trying it out. If nothing else, it adds to your resume, helps you make connections and teaches you how to work hard. You never know who you will meet or how even the strangest of skills will prepare you for a job later on in life.

-Meredith Ashburn

Lydia Sloan