Top Marketing Trends for 2019

In a world where things change and evolve every day, it is important to stay up-to-date on all that is going on in the marketing industry. Top marketing trends are important to consider to make sure that your company or brand stay relevant on all of the current changes and shifts in the marketing industry. Here are the top 10 trends in digital marketing for 2019:

  1. Facebook and Instagram Ads -- from here  - 2019 is predicted to show a shift in the way marketers use different social platforms. It is expected that marketers will rely heavily on Facebook and Instagram to do most of their advertising, with a shift away from other social platforms.

  2. Combination of data and creativity- Marketers are having to increase their creativity in order to keep customers engaged and connected to their clients. This means that data needs to be paired with creativity to have an impact on consumers.

  3. Personalization- Companies are predicted to mature and grow in the area of personalization with their consumers. This will include fully grasping their target audience and creating an approach that makes the consumer feel more connected to the brand.

  4. Content is king- People are getting information constantly thrown at them, and it is now our job to make it appealing and enticing enough to get people to engage with what we are saying. This is why content is so important in marketing today because we have to get customers interested enough to promote communication and engagement with your content.

  5. Increased demand for vertical videos- As Instagram stories gain more and more traction, marketers are being moved toward vertical videos. Millennials and Gen Z are tired of turning their phones in order to view videos, creating a need for marketers to make more videos catered to these generations.

  6. Shift in focus to younger generation- As mentioned, the younger generation is maturing and starting to enter the workforce, which means marketers need to be aware of the trends with Gen Z, such as their desire for authenticity and socially responsible businesses.

  7. Video advertising growth will continue- People enjoy watching videos. With platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, consumers are constantly watching new videos to learn or be entertained. Creating video content that is both relevant and creative is very effective,.

  8. Brand storytelling- The importance of telling a brand’s story is growing in 2019 because people care about the names and faces behind the brand. Showcasing who you as a company are can be a great way to gain attention and awareness for your brand.

  9. Voice search- The voice recognition and search feature is predicted to boom in 2019. Although it has been around awhile, Google and other platforms are improving in accuracy, and the significance of voice recognition will increase as technology continues to evolve.

  10. Social media stories- In order to maintain relevance in this fast-growing industry, it is important to stay updated on the current usage of social media platforms. Stories on platforms like Instagram and Facebook have skyrocketed, and this is a platform that marketers can use to expand reach and market to their target audience.

Lydia Sloan