Why You Should Follow Your Competitors On Social Media


Have you ever wondered if you should be following your company’s competitors on social media? Many companies refuse to even think about giving a fellow competitor a like or a follow. You might have seen those comical competitor roasts on Twitter between Wendy’s and McDonald’s about the quality of their beef. If those companies weren’t actually following and keeping up with those accounts, would the social battle of ever happened? While some believe it’s not a great idea, below are a few reasons why you should!

  1. Inspiration- It’s easy to run low on creativity when it comes to social media. You get tired of posting the same content over and over. Maybe you’re looking for some fresh ideas? By following competitors, you can get creative ideas on what to post to your social media platforms. Maybe you’ve always wanted to do a social media giveaway, but don’t know how to develop one successfully. It’s also a great way to see what posts your competitors get the most engagement from. Utilize other competitors to get your creative juices flowing so you know you’re never falling behind. You don’t have to copy their idea completely, just run with an idea!

  2. Lookout for company reputation- Some companies are guilty of purposely bashing their competitors on their social platforms. If your company follows your competitors, you can be on the lookout for any negativity said about your company. It even gives you the opportunity to respond to the comment made.

  3. Finding new consumers and followers- Typically, people that follow your competitors are interested in the particular service or product offered, right? By following your competitors on social media, you are able to search for potential customers and influencers. The next time you see someone who seems to be engaging with one of your competitors, look at their profile and create a list of their interests so you have a great target made for digital social ads. It’s a great way to see if your competitors have the same people following your account. Think of it as market research.

**Things to lookout for**
Although following your competitors on social media is encouraged, helping their content get more reach and engagement is not. If your competitor posts an awesome link to a blog on Twitter, don’t retweet it. It gives your competitor an edge over you and, ultimately, you’re contributing to their success. You also don’t want to comment on posts to stir up any drama or unpleasant conversations. Companies lose consumer reliability and respect by doing this. The purpose of following competitor accounts is solely for the purpose of the list above. And don’t forget, they’re keeping an eye on you as well ;)

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