The Importance of Wearing Many Hats in an Agency

When applying for jobs, potential employees search high and low for job titles and job descriptions that fit with their backgrounds and qualifications. They often expect that the job they are hired for will match the work that they do on a daily basis. While this may be true for some industries like tech, medicine, or finance where more rigid, technical skills are required, in the fast-paced, ever-changing industries where creative agencies live, a job opening may have a title and description that just covers the bare minimum of the work they will do each day. This means it is not uncommon for agency employees to wear many hats as team members - it’s actually the norm.

Someone at our digital marketing agency may be hired to fill a role for strictly advertising. The first few weeks to months, they may stick primarily to this role, but once they start to gel with their team and their managers see their strengths and weaknesses, their role will quickly start to develop and evolve. Soon, they may still be in charge of advertising, but they also have skills in research and photography, so they are given projects in those areas. If they rise to the occasion and see success in those areas, they may be given that job in addition to what they started doing to begin with.

One of our best business tips, especially for an agency structure, is to hire people from the beginning who can not only do the role they are applying for, but seem to have strengths in other areas that could help your team reach new goals. They should also have a willingness to not only learn, but also teach because in some areas they will be more knowledgeable and have to teach others, while in other areas they will be learning a new skill. They should also be eager to grow and not resistant to change, because change is the only constant variable in an agency.

Wearing many hats at work can sometimes get overwhelming, so it is important from the manager’s side to check in on his or her employees and make sure that no work is suffering from a team member who has so many hats on that one falls off and gets left behind. While it saves resources getting the most out of your team members, if the work product suffers or the individual has too much on their plate, managers should always be willing to make adjustments that are best for everyone at the agency and the clients the agency serves.

All of a team member's roles may not fit neatly into one job title or box, but finding people who understand this and are willing to take on the added roles will be beneficial in the hiring process. By divvying up the workload for the whole team, capitalizing on individual member’s strengths, hiring the right kinds of people, and making sure to always check in with team members, any digital marketing agency and agency in general has all the tools in place to exceed expectations.

MarketingLydia Sloan