Web Design VS Web Development

We get asked all the time, do you build websites? That question is much deeper than many know. At Prolifik Marketing, our goal is to combine Web Design and Web Development to create a beautiful and functional website. That being said, our internal struggle versus creative and coders comes through on this topic.

Our definition of Web Design is using creative programs such as Adobe Photoshop to create the visual elements and layout of a website. This typically involves our team of creatives getting together to discuss the brand of a company, purpose of the website and target audience being reached. Web Designers tend to focus on the aesthetics and value of visual appeal over functionality.

Web Development, on the other hand, is using HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript and other programming languages to put the design elements into place. A Web Developer is more behind the scenes, breaking down the components of the website and programming them to work together as a whole, bringing your website to life.

The Prolifik Marketing team boasts creatives and developers. Both are problem solvers and both (trust us on this) think their particular area is the most important. It’s the age-old discussion of form versus function. Our creatives feel that if a website isn’t visually appealing, your user will not receive the message. Our developers believe it doesn’t matter what your website looks like, it matters how it interacts and functions for the user.

We encourage this friendly competition between left and right brainers because at the end of the day, it’s a combination of the two that allows your website to be pretty and functional. Just don’t get in an argument with either side unless you’re ready to hear it!