Video Marketing

The vast amount of media, advertisements, and information one comes in contact with everyday makes standing out a difficult task. This begs the question: how must a business or product be presented in order to stand out? Because vision is our most dominant sense, video is one of the most efficient and effective ways to market your product.


Most information transmitted to one’s brain is visual, which is why photos are able to boost engagement. If still images are able to do this, imagine how much more powerful and effective video can be. Angela Taylor, our Creative Marketing Director, states “Tt’s time we focus more on strategic creativity, not just content...on assurance, not just traffic and on the upper segment of your audience that respond and spread your content. Give them a purpose to buy into and share.”


Having a foundation of trust with your clients is vital. Video fosters a higher level of trust with the skeptical consumer. It enables the product to be shown in a more conversational form that cannot be achieved through photos or text. This also appeals to the lazy buyer, as one is more inclined to watch a concise informational video than to read paragraphs of the same information. When clients can visualize the product being used, they cultivate a higher confidence in the product, and are more likely to want it.