Ways to Get Your Company Seen on Google

A common misconception that some companies have is that they assume they can just pop up on Google because they have a legit company with an office address, phone number, and website. While all of these component are an absolute necessity, there is more work that goes into getting your business to appear when someone searches on Google. At Prolifik, we actually handle all of this for our clients. From setup to management, we are trained to make sure your company is easily seen and accessible for people who search in Google for it.

1.Google My Business

This awesome feature was created so that consumers could find your business information when they searched for your company. It’s a great tool because consumers are more likely to engage with something that easily pops up and lists the information needed. People want to save their energy and time for something else. Nothing is worse than someone having to search and search and search until they can find a company phone number to call. This feature is easily set up and is activated once you receive something from Google in the mail to your business address.

2. Youtube

This one may come as a shock to you, but it’s actually a crucial platform to have for Google. A business Youtube account and profile is actually built off of Google My Business. It’s so much easier to manage when they are connected as accounts. It’s always great to post any company videos to this channel to increase brand awareness and reach of potential consumers. The more channels your company has, the better!

3. Google AdWords

Want to appear at the very top of the Google page? Google AdWords is the way to go. With this advertising tool, your website link can appear above competitors. Different campaigns for different products and services can be created. For example, a heating and air company doesn’t just focus on heaters, they also focus on air conditioning. In this instance, two separate campaigns would be created so that each service is specific and targets the right demographic. Although Google AdWords requires an advertising budget, the ROI is crazy on this investment. You might get so many calls from potential customers that you don’t know what to do with them, which is a great problem to have.

4. Keywords

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is very important when trying to appear on Google. SEO rankings are based on organic keywords that you place within the content of your website. Keywords are just what they sound like- words or phrases that match what people are searching for and that match the content of what you are promoting. Once you have done thorough research of keywords that best match your industry, you will strategically place them on your website within the copy. Having many variation of long tail keywords helps google scan the internet and match your website with what people are searching for. Relevancy of the keyword people are searching for and the words in your website copy are a huge factor in determining your SEO ranking.


Backlinks play into SEO ranking as well. Backlinks are widely underutilized and a huge factor in how you appear on Google. A backlink is any link that goes from another company’s website to yours. You want to have other companies link to your website because it spreads the word on your site exponentially.


Meta tags are important when determining your ranking on Google. Meta tags are snippets of words that describe a websites’ page that are held in the code of the site, not the public site. Meta tags create a quick and easy scannable section for Google to look at when determining what pages should rank when a keyword is searched. If you don’t have any meta tags, Google essentially won’t see you when scanning for said keyword.

SEOLydia Sloan