How Facebook's New Algorithm is Changing Organic Posts

If you have a business page on Facebook, you might have noticed that your organic engagement has severely declined over the last few months. You might be wondering why your posts for the months increased, but the reach and engagement decreased. We’ve had all of these questions too, and have worked out some ways to combat this decline.

Facebook has been changing their algorithm to prioritize the content posted by friends and family over company posts in users’ feeds. The purpose of this change was to make sure that personal posts are prioritized first. Under the previous algorithm, people’s feeds were saturated with business and branded content rather than the content that users truly cared about, like the picture of the beautiful baby that your cousin just gave birth to.

With the new changes, companies and brands will have to get more creative to be successful with organic social. It isn’t always about how many posts you’re putting out on your page per month, but rather what kind of content is being posted. To work best with the new Facebook algorithm, here are two main strategies that can help you get better organic results and get noticed by Facebook users.

If your company has a Facebook advertising budget, you might want to consider pulling in some extra cash for a Facebook feature called “boosting.” This feature allows you to put a little money behind an organic post to increase reach and engagement. It helps your post get seen by more people who might not see it otherwise. The boosting feature basically runs your post as a Facebook ad on people’s feeds, thus overcoming the organic post prioritization of personal stories over business page content.

Another way to help your organic posts be more successful is to offer something to your consumer. Giveaways, engaging video, and freebies are a great way to do this. People love giveaways and are more likely to share your content on their platforms when they have the chance of getting something in return. Videos are great for social media because they are more compelling than a typical post with a photo. Videos can teach, inform, and entertain your audience. Videos also provide the most emotion to consumers leading them to share and engage with the content more than other media types like a photo. Providing freebies to your followers shows people that you care about your audience. For instance, if you’re a realtor, why not attach a free downloadable pdf about how to stage your home to sell? It shows that you want to help and that you are credible, and people may be more inclined to look at your page or even your website after viewing the freebie.

The sad reality is that companies are bidding against each other on Facebook just to be seen by Facebook users. Facebook is going to make companies start “paying to play.” Companies that invest money into their pages for advertising will be more successful and have the most engagement. After all, Facebook’s number one priority is to figure out ways to make even more money than what they already intake. While it may seem frustrating, if you use our tips and play the game with them, you’re company should be better off on the platform and start seeing increases in reach and engagement.