Web Design Athens, GA

You only have one chance to make a first impression. That's why web design is so imperative! When building and designing a website, you have to consider a number of elements to create a cohesive website that reflects your company and brand. If you're looking for someone that provides web design Athens GA or your current website needs a little more modern flair and a little less comic sans and papyrus, then you need a web design specialist. Our world is more technologically-inclined than ever. Meaning, your internet presence is more important than ever. The days of having your neighbor’s daughter’s boyfriend haphazardly design your website are over.

Sure. Just having a website will get you to show up in Google's search results, but on what page? And how will your potential customers find you? There are millions of pages of new content popping up every day. You have to set yourself apart from the other millions competing for that coveted spot... No. 1.

But how do I create a well-designed web page that converts users AND gets noticed by Google?

You hire a marketing agency that specializes in web design AND web development.

At Prolifik, we have provided web design in Athens GA for quite a while. We have designed and developed numerous sites in our time as a company. We focus on clean design, SEO best practices, mobile responsiveness and a user-friendly experience. Our motto is "a website is never finished." Websites have to be updated continually to keep viewers engaged, to keep your company's information up to date, and to let Google know that you are a thriving and active company. Google likes it when we make changes, and so will you when you see the conversions.

An effective web design company focuses on creating conversions. That's what we focus on at Prolifik. Of course we want your website to be visually appealing, but, first and foremost, we want your site to be seen and to convert users. By creating enticing calls-to-action, creative content and landing pages that follow a tried and true format, our websites promise conversions.

We take pride in providing the most up to date web design Athens GA. Properly structured semantic markup and language and powerful microdata are just a few of the geeky things we provide, but most importantly we provide responsive web design.

Prolifik is based in the acclaimed college town of Athens, GA, but we do work for clients all over the country. We serve hot tub stores in California, luxury real estate companies in Atlanta, family-owned, local businesses and everything in between. We feel that we are the strongest web design Athens GA company and many of our clients can testify. If you're curious about what we do, check out our work.