CASE STUDY: Lake Oconee Academy Capital Campaign

Once the video was produced and finalized, we promoted the video via social media. It is known that 92% of all mobile video consumers will share that video with a friend (source)so it is vital to promote the videos you produce on social media. Also, according to HubSpot, audiences are 10 times more likely to engage with video on a social media network. It is because of these statistics and more that we believe in the power of video and video promotion. We take the time to plan and produce detailed videos that are aimed at intriguing viewers and potential consumers.

Below, we lay out and analyze our social promotion strategy for the LOA Capital Campaign video, and discuss the alternative options for video promotion. We believe our strategy (Strategy No. 3) to be the most effective in engaging viewers and expanding reach. Strategy No. 1 is considered an ineffective way of promoting a video. Strategy No. 2 is still a good option, but it is not as effective as the posting strategy implemented.

PROLIFIK STRATEGY: Direct Upload To Client’s Facebook Page

  • Used URL in the caption

  • This is crucial. When posting a piece of content in hopes that it is shared, the link must be included. When the video is shared with the caption, you receive “link juice” that is phenomenal for SEO purposes.

  • Boosted by $100 over the course of three days


Audience Reach: 15.4K unique users

Total Engagements: 4,054

Total Shares: 64

Total Video Views: 8K

STRATEGY NO. 1 (LESS EFFECTIVE): Upload To Vimeo And Post Vimeo Link

  • Upload video to Vimeo

  • Post Vimeo link on Facebook WITHOUT boosting

  • This basically guarantees terrible reach

  • Post Vimeo link to Facebook WITH boosting

  • This will get you a bit more reach, but only gives you “Vimeo juice” not “link juice” to your website

STRATEGY NO. 2: Keep High Video Resolution & Decent Reach

  • Upload video to Vimeo

  • Embed Vimeo video into your website

  • Post link to the website and boost

While this option does allow you to keep the high-resolution video quality, you lose the auto-play ability on Facebook.

STRATEGY NO. 3 (PROLIFIK STRATEGY): Optimum Reach But Less Quality

  • Upload video to Facebook

  • Post link in the caption

  • Boost

Strategy No. 3 is the strategy we implemented with the LOA Capital Campaign video. According to our client, since our team created and promoted the Capital Campaign video, donations have increased by over $400,000.

MarketingAngela Taylor