Prolifik Marketing Partners with Clutch!

Navigating the modern digital landscape is no easy feat. Trends change rapidly, and new technologies are always on the horizon. That said, an agency that can confront these challenges, and effectively help a business grow their brand and engage their target audience is in high demand. As a one-stop shop, Prolifik has helped a number of our clients fulfill their goals with integrated marketing solutions. Whether a client needs a creative, impactful video, a website redesign to better reflect their brand, or unique content for a social media campaign, Prolifik’s team is well versed in all of these digital touch points. Over the years, we have shaped our agency to maximize the potential of our clients’ success. As an ongoing effort to build trust with prospective buyers and develop new relationships, we recently joined Clutch, a B2B market research firm, based in Washington, D.C.

The only constant of the internet age is change. An incident can completely change the fate of a brand. One person’s blunder can make or break a business. Consumer feedback is instant. For this reason, it’s important to make the effort to control your reputation; ideally, before the crisis occurs. In the same way that they have revolutionized the B2C ecosystem, ratings and reviews can also play an equally powerful role in the B2B world. Clutch has created a platform to this end. Solutions and services providers are featured on the site and have profiles that summarize their service lines, clientele, and price structuring.

Instead of relying on the first few results from a Google search, Clutch allows a buyer to make an informed decision about the provider that would best fit their project and budget. Among the other firms featured on the site, Prolifik was evaluated and ranked based on our clientele, work portfolio, and market presence. Their research on the top performing companies is summarized in a Leaders Matrix. Moreover, the support of our clients has been essential. They have taken the time to share their experiences, and offer insights that can help a buyer, but also, us as an agency to clearly understand our strengths and areas for growth. 

Prolifik is grateful to have comprehensive reviews that highlight our work, as well as various aspects of our partnerships. We are hopeful that having online reviews will build our reputation in the industry as a creative and flexible team, prepared for any challenge.

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MarketingLydia Sloan