Digital Marketing Minute- Quality Score

If you’re running ad campaigns through Google AdWords, your ads have a quality score. You may not know it, but it’s there, and it’s important to know your score! But what is a quality score? The quality score is a value determined by Google that rates your ad based on quality and relevance. This means if you have a good quality score, your ad will be displayed more often and you’ll receive a discount on cost per click. If you have a bad quality score, however, your ad will be shown less often and you’ll be penalized and pay more per click. So what’s a good quality score? If your score is at 5, you are paying what you’re bidding. If you are bidding $1.00 per click, that’s exactly what you’ll pay. If your score is less than 5, you get a penalty and have to pay a certain percentage more based on how low the score is. If your score is higher, say a 10, you’ll get a discount to $0.70 per click. This is why it’s so important to make sure that whoever is making your ads and running your campaigns know what they’re doing-- if you are running poor ads, you’re not just paying for a bad advertisement, you’re getting penalized for doing so. Don’t pay more money to run poor ads!