Is Facebook Still Relevant?

To say Facebook is a powerful marketing tool is more than just an understatement. Here at Prolifik’s social department, we’re 100% convinced that Facebook should be an integral part of every marketing strategy. Not just because I personally love Facebook as a marketing tool, but because we’ve seen it work over and over again for our clients. With more than a billion active monthly users, your clients are more likely to be on the platform than anywhere else. So if you’re still on the fence about investing in your Facebook community, we might just convince you otherwise. But Reach Sucks on Facebook! Yea, yea… we’ve heard all the commotion this past year about Facebook’s low organic reach and all, but we're all in and here’s why. Last year, the social giant announced that brand pages would be experiencing an overall decline in their organic reach. Why? Simple. With so many users joining the platform, and a serious increase in the amount of brands competing to squeeze in, the newsfeed is now a more competitive space than ever before. I know what you’re thinking… ‘’It’s time to pack our bags and set out to conquer the next social network!’’ But before you get all Indiana Jones on me, let’s take a deeper look at what all this means.

    • With an increase of over 50% in the amount of fans who like brand pages throughout 2014, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever.

    • Facebook is protecting the user’s experience, in other words, giving users more of what they want to see on the newsfeed and less of what YOU want them to see. This only means there’s less opportunity for boring marketing and more opportunity for engagement.

Weeding out the competition with highly entertaining, educational and inspirational content that actually engages users will be much easier (at least until lame brands step up their game).

In a Gist:
 The secret of Facebook marketing really lies behind the type of content you share. Will you need to supplement reach and engagement with a few extra bucks? Possibly. But the spend is so low compared to traditional media, you might be crazy for not allocating the majority of your advertising budget to online ads. Here’s Why Our Clients Agree, Enter Dr. Pittman, a plastic surgeon in Athens, GA and his staff. These folks have quite a spunky personality, and they’re not afraid to let it show. Based on the people who like the page, we knew this post was going to be a hit. So we decided to promote it to the right audience using Facebook’s Power Editor and take things to the next level. What you are seeing below is a combination of both organic and paid engagement analytics.

Breaking It Down

In a weekend this post:

  • Was seen by 13k people

  • Received over 500 likes, comments & shares

  • Received 2.3k post clicks

  • And 23 people liked their page as a result

We paid Facebook:


  • $.03 cents per all engagement actions

  • $.79 cents per page like

  • $1.73 per 1k impressions

Pretty amazing, right? In the old days, you would have had to fork out the BIG BUCKS to reach a massive amount of people and just cross your fingers that they would be your ideal audience. Social media in general, but specifically Facebook Advertising, has eliminated all that. Do I HAVE to advertise on Facebook? I won’t say anything other than you’d be pretty silly not to.

Finally, here’s a guide for publishing awesome content on Facebook


  • Stop trying to sell your stuff. There’s an art to selling on Facebook and if you really want to learn it, read this book.

  • Learn who your audience is and what makes them tick.

  • Create engaging content that is either educational, inspirational or entertaining to your fans.

  • Take users behind-the-scenes and let them make decisions about your products and services.

  • Be cool. No one likes a brand who talks like their boss, so be casual and find your voice.

  • Get help. If you’re not gonna put the time and effort into training your team on how to manage their social media, get an expert to do so. The service will pay for itself.

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