What is SEO? The Oldie and A Newbie

This is my story about SEO and going back to work after 12 years of being a stay-at-home mom. When I left the world of marketing, sure everyone had a website mostly for informational purposes. A few were starting to create online services for purchasing equipment parts or requesting videos or brochures to be mailed to potential customers. So here I was 12 years later dabbling in an online business learning about SEO. I then have the opportunity to interview with an SEO firm and say “yes, I am familiar with SEO...search engine optimization and how much work goes into getting on the first page of the search engines!” Very little did I know that the learning curve was much bigger than I and that I would not just learn SEO and be done because it is ever changing.

My strategy to get up to speed and not get left behind is to follow the SEO experts in the field and read their blogs. The most recent one I read was “WTF is SEO?”, March 22, 2013 by Ian Lurie in Featured, SEO. Mr. Lurie talks about how although SEO is not dead, we are all going about it the wrong way. He goes on to say that SEO is not a tactic or a strategy. SEO is a result of doing a lot of little things to drive traffic and revenue to a site.

What does all of this mean for me? Now that I truly understand what SEO is not, I am learning all of the aspects of what goes into great SEOing (no, I did not make that up). Although ever changing, the guys I work with at ProlifikSEO know SEO, or better stated, they know what all needs to go into online marketing for their clients. I am fortunate to be a part of it...I get to learn about great content to market through social media and best marketing practices. I guess when it comes to marketing not much has changed, it is just faster due to the instantaneous avenues through social media. I am a simple girl. Write great content and get it out there. Simple...or is it?!

SEOLydia Sloan