PPC Management Services

Real People, Real PPC Management

We run our business with real people, not just software. We study your account with keen diligence, and Prolifik’s PPC management services team will create the perfect ppc advertising strategy for your business. We are highly-knowledgeable on metrics and continual improvement to exceed goals.

We never outsource any aspects of our business, especially when it comes to PPC campaigns. Rest assured that each of our PPC specialists works directly in our office and receives the Prolifik training that our clients have grown to trust. We take training in Google AdWords Management very seriously, which translates to a trustworthy search marketing agency.

You Own The AdWords Account

Other agencies and fly-by-night companies want to start a PPC advertising account on your behalf and never let you see the data. That is not professional and down right shady! With Prolifik, we will never keep your pay-per-click account from you or hide data received from our AdWords management services. It does not matter if you come to us with an existing pay-per-click account, or we create a new one for you, the data is yours. You should always have access to see what changes are made in all PPC campaigns. If you choose to leave, then you take all of our work with you.

Retarget That Market!

A valuable tool we use in marketing to your target market is retargeting. Retargeting is a simple tactic we use to get your potential customers back on your site. If they have visited once, they are cookied for a specific amount of time. During that time, they are served retargeting advertisements geared to get them back onto your website.

Not only are we able to retarget throughout Google and other relevant websites to your audience, but also on Facebook and other social platforms. We use retargeting platforms that keep our clients in the best possible advertising space, including audiences on various browsers (Chrome, Safari, etc.).

Call Analytics & Recordings

One of the greatest gifts we give our clients is the gift of reporting. However, it can often become difficult to track down exactly where a lead came from. That’s where call tracking and analytics comes in handy. With call tracking, our team can see exactly how a customer found your company. This is priceless information because we want to know what works and what does not. If it’s broke, fix it!

Superior Technology

Not only does Prolifik place training as a high-priority for our team, but we also value tools and technology. To provide clients with the latest and most innovative marketing practices, we utilize specialized programs that keep our team up-to-date with all things retargeting, social advertising, PPC campaigns, paid search, keywords and more.

Keywords play a vital role in the development of a client’s strategic marketing plan, which is why we place emphasis on keyword research at the forefront. The software we use for keyword research provides us with the latest insight on search terms and gives details for in-depth analysis and strategy. Not only does this provide us with information needed to help our clients succeed, but it also opens the door to success advertising campaigns.