Matt Chastain

Movie Making Man

Matt Chastain has been producing creative content in a variety of media for over a decade. From 2003-2007, Matt served as production and media director for advertising agency Snowden Tatarski. Working for a small boutique agency proved an invaluable education, giving him experience in all aspects of advertising and in all media including account planning and management, media buying, copywriting, and production.From 2007-2010 Matt worked as a marketing specialist with Cox Radio at a six station group in the metro Atlanta area, honing his skills as a copywriter, voice actor, producer, and account manager.Though he is well versed and experienced in the production of content for radio, television, internet video, print and social media, he is a creative writer first and foremost. His philosophy is that effective communication MUST begin with a good idea. The idea and its execution must be interesting, catchy and/or compelling in addition to being brand consistent and purpose driven.Matt also believes that every restaurant should offer soda water and that a thoroughly stirred homogenous blend of vanilla ice cream and chocolate cake, though disgusting in appearance, is probably what they serve you when you get to Heaven. Matt lives in Athens, Georgia with his wife Jennifer, two daughters Copelyn and Emily, and son Rex.