Video Content Planning

In order to produce a video that truly resonates with your audience, you need to have content that is worth watching. It needs to touch on the aspects that they are passionate about. You must find a way to bridge the gap between what they need and care about, and the proposition that you’re offering.

The only way to do this is to properly plan. The best way to arrive at the desired destination is to adequately map things out. If you don’t fully know the objective of your video, then how can that video succeed? It’s impossible to be over-prepared, especially when dealing with a machine that has so many moving parts.

So how do you form a good video content strategy? RESEARCH. Researching the subject of the video you’re looking to produce is one of the most critical stages in the production process. By spending time with key individuals and asking questions, you can discover current challenges, needs, and perceptions in the market. This way, you can clearly and concisely convey how your business can solve their problems and add quality to their lives. Your content plan should be designed to connect with your audience and guide them to the next stage in the buyer’s journey.

Developing your content plan begins with developing your video content strategy. There are three main ways to make your audience care about your content: stories that relate and inspire, information that educates, or simply entertainment worth watching. Next is deciding how to develop your content. When it comes to generating content, you basically have three options. You can create totally original content, collaborate with others, or you can curate and edit an existing form of content.

Once you’ve created your content, you need to strategically market it. Making sure your videos are seen by the right people is arguably the most important factor in video content marketing. Having the right audience and the right content is hitting the video marketing sweet spot, and will guarantee you more conversions and clientele.