Video Campaign Planning

Tell The Audience More With A Defined Campaign

Without question, a video is the most engaging form of content available. People are tired of the typical forms of disruptive, invasive advertising. However, that doesn’t guarantee that your video campaign will be successful. Time and money need to be invested to make sure the right audience sees your message. You need to be aware of how your audience interacts and makes decisions. You also need to make content that they will respond to.

To plan a successful video marketing campaign, you first need to ask yourself four questions:

1- Who is my target audience?

You need to be very aware of the types of people you are trying to sell to. This is easy to do by breaking them down into different subsections or categories, all of whom have different lifestyles, backgrounds, and motivations for watching the content you’re producing.

2- How should they be exposed to my content?

You should take an in-depth look at each of the personas you’ve created. Understand how they interact, make decisions and communicate their desires and opinions. Using that information, you can form a targeted approach for each persona, placing your content in the areas that they will most likely respond to.

3- How will you guarantee your audience sees your content?

This is where distribution and optimization come into play. Having a plan to circulate your content through the right mediums is paramount. Based on each target audience’s preferences, you need to strategically place and promote your videos on the most appropriate platform, whether it be social media, blogs, influencers, or Youtube.

4- How will your content push them through the marketing funnel?

Creating videos solely designed to attract is not enough. You should have videos for every step of the marketing funnel, guiding your customers by the hand and making the sales process as frictionless as possible.