Digital Marketing Minute - Facebook Pay To Play

What’s up with Facebook and all this paid advertising?
Mike Usry

What’s up with Facebook and all this paid advertising? Gone is the old newsfeed of cat videos alone-- now your daily dose of cute animals is marred by ads! But, if you are a business owner trying to capitalize on Facebook to garner more fans and engagement, Facebook’s pay to play is a huge advantage.


What Facebook provides is a great market. What’s so great about it? The incredible targeting options, of course! You can target exactly the right demographic of people for your business, rather than reach blindly into the void and hope for the best. If you sell cat sweaters, with a few bucks put towards paid ads, you can easily target the demographic of people who post daily updates on Mr. Fluffymittens McKittytoes. Optimize your content to be authentic-- remember, your ads are going directly into newsfeeds around the world, so the more your content looks at home there, the less intrusive and, by extension, less obnoxious your ads are. So pony up a few bucks to the great Zuckerberg Dynasty, and you can expect a huge ROI in return.

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