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Research is a vital part of the marketing industry. At Prolifik, we make sure our team is up to date with the latest strategies and technologies in the industry, in order to better serve our clients. If there is a better and more efficient way to get it done, we want to take part! Here are some of the latest blogs and articles that have supplemented our company.
Logan Scott
Ways to Get Your Company Seen on Google

A common misconception that some companies have is that they assume they can..

Logan Scott
How Facebook's New Algorithm Is Changing Organic Posts

If you have a business page on Facebook, you might have noticed that your..

Logan Scott
Why Having A Persona Is Crucial To Every Marketing Campaign

Anyone who knows marketing understands that having a target audience is..

Logan Scott
Did You See That Video On Facebook?
How many conversations have you started, or been a part of that began with..
Logan Scott
Pokemon Go: The Social And Cultural Phenomenon Changing The Face Of Marketing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard mention of..

Logan Scott
Is Facebook Still Relevant?
To say Facebook is a powerful marketing tool is more than just an..
Logan Scott
Social Media Minute - Be Real!

Need fun content ideas for social media? When you think "social" you think..

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