Marketing Director

Angela Taylor

Creative Guru, Type Snob and Digital Mastermind.

Angela is the head of our Digital Department, which means we have a creative amongst the analyticals, and it’s proven to be a winning combination. Her talent for communicating with clients while keeping her team engaged in strategic work is what makes the wheels spin at Prolifik. She studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design for a short time before moving on to Statesboro to get a REAL (affordable) education (GO EAGLES!). After graduation, Angela headed to Athens to work in the college publishing world and eventually became her own boss, freelancing for various local businesses...only to land at Prolifik where she’s been an integral part of our grown and happiness for over 5 years. Angela’s design style is clean and simple, yet classic. And her purpose is strictly results driven. She’s the one that asks “why” multiple times a day, and because of that, Angela is the client’s worst critic and biggest champion, all in one. She builds a relationship with her clients and prides herself on “taking care of them like family.”When she’s not saving the world one font at a time…Angela is bragging about her children (a great dane and mini-schnauzer). Her sarcastic tone might lead you to believe Angela is a jokester, which may be the case…just don’t send her a file in publisher or anything with Comic Sans font. People have been killed for less. And finally, two random facts… she owns a life sized Barbie Jeep and loves the wonderful world of Golf.