Our Story

We are different. We deliver results-driven work for our clients. We are Prolifik.

Prolifik was founded over burritos and beer.

Scroll the pages of many marketing firms, and you're likely to read a bunch of fluff about how their businesses were established as a "strategic alliance of internet marketing specialists dedicated to providing our clients with proven ranking strategies."

We believe in providing brilliant design, compelling content and proven marketing strategies. We have decades of combined experience in our field and the track record and portfolios to prove it. Back when we met over those burritos and beers, we set out to find what sets us apart from other agencies. We discovered that the two things we hang our hats on are the quality of the work we produce, and the results our clients receive. We believe that proper planning is the key to any great marketing campaign. We maximize our time and focus on tactics that work best for each client.

We are aptly named Prolifik because we produce quality work in a fraction of the time with fewer expenses. We believe that a client should pay for great creative but also have ample budget left to promote the work. If we spend too much developing the creative assets and no one can see it, then what is the point? Where is the effectiveness? We believe in being good stewards of client funds. Time is money.

We believe in hiring top talent. Our talent pool is immense. We are located just minutes from The University of Georgia which boasts a nationally ranked journalism school, New Media Institute and the impressive Terry College of Business. Many graduates are so in love with Athens, they stick around after graduation. After all, Athens is the cultural hub of Georgia, and it’s one of the best small towns in the Southeast and the entire U.S.

We believe in a culture of accountability and production. Our team members are compensated on par with their counterparts in major cities. However, we are not top heavy with executive salaries. Our compensation structure is a key ingredient to our success and tenure.

We believe that work should be challenging and rewarding, and we promote a strong work-to-life balance. You will not find ping-pong tables and air hockey, but we are keen on great coffee and having our dogs accompany us at work. Our work hours are extremely flexible. We want our team to enjoy life!